How to Keep your House Keys Safe

We've all been locked out of our homes and wished we kept a spare key somewhere close that we only knew about and could retrieve in these emergency situations rather than paying the heavy price of calling a locksmith. Though a spare key is a great idea, it does not come without risks which need to be mitigated. Burglars and theives can be clever and will often find your hidden key in minutes since most people place them in obvious areas that practically reveal themselves to criminals, such as the all-to-familiar keyrock where a key is placed inside a false rock that in reality sticks out like a sore thumb to a theif. Placing your house key underneath a mat or near a window sill is just as useless.

Your best defense to keep your spare key safe is to place it inside a heavy-duty keysafe device that can be opened by a combination you previously set. The ingenious think about these keysafes is that not even a boltcutter can cut through them. A theif will need to be very determined and patient to open one up.

Another solution, though one that may not be all that attractive in today's world where neighbors direly hope and pray to avoid each other, is to leave a duplicate key copy with one of the neighbors you despise least! Naturally, only consider this alternative if you can trust this neighbor to keep this key secure.

Lastly, as the future of keys turns to newfound capabilities including taking a photo of a key and having its unique profile saved in the cloud, allowing you to 3D print a copy at any time, you must take extra precaution when choosing to participate in this new age of the house key. Make sure the cloud service being utilized is following all governmental codes and is not engaged in the practice of sharing its data with outside vendors. Also realize that corporations are subject to being purchased and subsequently merged or broken up, leaving your data at their mercy, and therefore at a high risk of vulnerability. The majority of internet user's personal data has been compromised at one time or another, and your house key profile will enjoy no added protection from the potential damages due to internet victimization.

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