The Future of House Keys

The future of house keys is looking promising. For thousands of years humans have had to carry along a physical object to gain entry to a locked area, but no more. The digital revolution is upon us, and though rather sluggishly, it has at last descended down to the realm of the common house key and utterly transformed it to something quite remarkable. The age of the digital key has arrived. Let's discuss what this is in greater detail: A digital house key will take many forms: a retina or fingerprint scanner, a voice recognition program, or software programmed to obey an oral command set to a unique preset code, either in number or word format.

Though several start-up companies have taken advantage of 3D printing to offer people the ability to literally print a physical house key, this technology is not the future when it comes to keys. Digital, not printable, is where safety, security, reliability, and efficiency are leading us. The natural impulse of the human being to seek the most efficient means of solving a problem leads straight to the digital, wholly invsible key.

Several manufacturers are leading the revolution: The Goji Smart Lock replaces your deadbolt and can be controlled by your smartphone. Kisi is yet another brand that has jumped into the digital key pool, offering cloud storage of your data but ultimately a similar service as Goji. Our personal favorite is the Kevo, offered by the lock behemoth Kwikset, mainly because it looks uber-cool.

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