Case Studies

Case Study #1: Chili's/St. Jude Hospital

Chili's Restaurant in partnership with St. Jude Children's Hospital ordered 500,000 Branded House Keys for their Chili's Annual Fundraiser program. They gave away a key to promote St. Jude's cause for a $5 donation at all 1200 Chile's restaurants. They chose a Branded House Key above all other promotional items because of it's uniqueness, universal appeal and usefulness as a house key. People will carry the St. Jude logo key with them everywhere they go, for years.

Case Study #2: Remax

Remax real estate agents have been using custom keys for years as the perfect closing gift. With every new home sold, a pair of these customized keys were given to the new homeowners to welcome them into their new home. In this particular case, the broker chose to customize the frontside with the Remax four-color process logo, and the backside with their personalized contact information.

Case Study #3: Chicago Title

Chicago Title has been handing out their very own custom branded house keys to new home owners for several years. It's the perfect closing gift for realtors, builders, brokers, title companies, and banks.

Case Study #4: Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme uses custom branded keys as part of their new employee training program. They chose to have their logo printed on the frontside of the keys, and a moral boosting slogan on the backside. The backside imprint varies between that which is shown above, and also "The KEY to your Success".

Case Study #5: Air Force (Medical Outreach Group)

The U.S. Air Force ordered customized keys for their outreach programs across the country to help reduce alcoholism and the number of DUI's on and off base. The keys were a great hit and overall the groups had a 50% reduction in DUI's with the distribution of the keys.

Case Study #6: Siemens AG

Siemens AG sent out Bottle-Opener House Keys as part of a pre-show mailer to invite customers to visit their booth and enter to win a motorcycle. Locksmiths were on staff to cut keys for customers while they filled out the forms to enter the contest.

During another event, Siemens opted to order our "Winning Key LockBox Program"" where we pre-cut branded keys to fit and/or not fit the door lock on a custom designed prize box. Siemens invited customers to visit their booth to try and open the box to win the prize inside.

Case Study #7: Mojito Club

Mojito Club decided to hand out free Bottle-Opener House Keys during their promotional tours. Rather than just hand out a standard bottle-opener, they chose the DrinKey to ensure recipients would keep this promotional item and not discard it like so many other items handed out in the past.

Customer Testimonials

"I found out about your custom keys while searching for promotional products for my business online. After buying 100pcs to pass out to my clients, I must say this truly is the best marketing money I've spent in a long time. These customized keys are with my clients 24/7 and they give our referrals from them all the time. The square head key shape is excellent because it focuses the attention on my printed information and thereby always keep me on my customer's mind every time they go to open their house front door. I recommend purchasing these custom keys to all my friends now."

- Martin Short (Sunnyvale, CA)

"Klinky is awesome! We saw it at an ASI show in Las Vegas and new it would be great for the real estate market. Realtors are always looking for a great promotional idea to set themselves apart, and what better than a key with your name on it. I've sold not only to realtors but also to mortgage and title brokers, banks and credit unions and more. There are so many opportunities since everyone needs a key! Klinky's customer service is excellent as well. We had great support from them to first learn about the keys and how to sell them, and then the orders came rolling in. Thank you guys!"

- Sherri Flack (Advertising Works, Inc.)

"It's so difficult to find a good promotional product these days. It's all the same tshirts and mugs and calendars and I was delighted when my ASI Salesperson showed me these custom keys for my business. I ordered 300 custom Klinky Keys for my business and I am very happy with the return on investment I received. My clients loved them and are using them as their house key with my logo on it. I am getting referrals from my custom keys weekly and I couldn't be happier about them. I recommend ordering custom house keys with your logo on it from Klinky Keys indefinitely.

- Len Taney (Coldwell Banker White Beach)

"I remember walking into my first sales meeting with a client and presenting the Klinky keys. It took about ten seconds for them to say it was one of the coolest ideas they'd ever seen and they had to figure out a way to use it. That day they committed to ordering 12,000pcs for an event. They even hired a locksmith to be at their booth and cut keys all day long, while they spoke with their customers about their products and services. The promotional was flawless, and I have received numerous reorders, as well as used this initial success story to get the attention of many of my other clients. This is a great promotional product that I keep with me at all times because you never know who else might need a custom key!"

- Dan Matthews (RockSolid Marketing)

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