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H ow to ReKey a Door Lock

To ReKey a door lock for your home or office, you have several options at your disposal. Before you proceed, also consider one alternative that is often overlooked: is it worthwhile to simply replace the doorlock altogether? It oftentimes is. However, if you are disinclined to remove and replace the lock for one reason or another, here are the steps for rekey-ing your existing door lock. You can also call a locksmith to perform these steps for you should you not have the appropriate tools. You will need to purchase a rekey kit before doing anything else, which can be found at most hardware stores and home centers. Every brand of door lock, such as Kwikset and Schlage, will have its own rekey kit so ensure that you are purchasing the correct version.

1) Remove the knob and the lock cylinder housing using the wire included in the rekey kit.

2) Locate the retainer ring on the lock cylinder and remove it using the retainer ring tool found in the rekey kit.

3) Inside the cylinder are the pins and springs which combine to create the unique keyway that is your house key. Remove the cylinder plug to expose this delicate inner cylinder while being careful to not let the pins and springs to pop out of place.

4) The rekey kit will have included color coded pins. Align them per the instruction manual into the cylinder so that it matches the key included with the rekey kit as well.

5) Once you've set the pins in the correct order by color, reassemble the cylinder and place it inside the lockset, and then cover the knob over it and you're all done! Congratulations, you have just rekeyed your own door lock.





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