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Custom Klinky FAQ'S 

What is your order LEAD TIME?
10 business days is standard. 3 and 5 business day turnaround also available. A fee of $65 or 8% of the order (whichever greater) for 3day and $45 or 5% of the order (whichever greater) for 5day rush production applies.


We can imprint any color and any number of colors you wish, including four color process, and will closely match a PMS color, if any you specify. We accept EPS, TIFF, AI, and JPEG files. E-mail your PRINT-READY artwork to:
Click HERE to View & Print a Custom Klinky Artwork Template. 

What is your standard PACKAGING?
Standard orders are shipped bulk. Other options are available. Please inquire.

There is an over/under-run allowance of 5% per order which is billed accordingly on the invoice.  However, 99% of orders are shipped with exact quantities being billed.

All work begun after receipt of purchase order and artwork approval will be billed accordingly.

What are your PAYMENT TERMS?

New accounts are on a prepay basis until credit can be established. Those accounts approved for open credit terms are billed on Net 30 Day terms.

What is the cost of COPY CHANGES?
There is a charge of $20/v to change copy within order quantity on Klinky Keys.

Our patents allow us to apply our innovations to virtually any shape, form, or size. Our creative professionals will work with you to design the perfect variation of our product for your application.


Klinky Custom Printed Logo Promotional House Keys are key blanks for promotional use with your logo and/or contact info printed directly onto the key head. What better way to advertise than to make sure customers keep your information "close at hand!" Custom Logo Klinky Keys are an extremely effective advertising & promotional tool and with a low min. order of only 100pcs. And with a starting price of under $2.50ea, we suggest you start advertising with some today. Custom logo house keys are available to retailers and promotional products distributors worldwide. Klinky custom logo house keys have sold in the millions since our inception almost a decade ago. Klinky Inc. has manufactured these promotional house keys for clients all over the world, including top realtors and real estate company house keys, home builder promotional house keys, keys for mortgage brokers, title companies and banks, as well as thousands of other business. Our custom key blanks are made from the highest of quality nickel plated brass. Custom Keys are sold primarily by ASI distributors, PPAI distributors, SAGE distributors and other final promotional product companies. If you would like to order custom logo keys for your business, please contact us and we will put you in touch with your nearest Klinky Keys distributor. CustomKeys are available in the Kwikset house key and the Schlage house key. We also have the capability of manufacturing custom promotional keys in other keyways. 

Our most recent success story consists of Chili's Restaurant in partnership with St. Jude Children’s Hospital ordered 500,000
Klinky Branded House Keys for a special fundraiser program. They are giving away a key to promote St. Jude's cause for a $5 donation at all 1200 Chilis restaurants. They chose a Branded House Key above all other promotional items because of the universal appeal and usefulness of a house key, because people will have the key with them everywhere they go, and will keep it for many years. Now you can buy a customized Create-A-Pepper key that can be cut for use at home or the office from any Chilis restaurant for only $5 to donate to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital fund. 

Custom Key Customer Testimonials

"It's so difficult to find a good promotional product these days. It's all the same tshirts and mugs and calendars and I was delighted when my ASI Salesperson showed me these custom keys for my business. I ordered 300 custom Klinky Keys for my business and I am very happy with the return on investment I received. My clients loved them and are using them as their house key with my logo on it. I am getting referrals from my custom keys weekly and I couldn't be happier about them. I recommend ordering custom house keys with your logo on it from Klinky Keys indefinitely. 

- Len Tanguay (Coldwell Banker White Beach)


"Klinky is awesome! We saw it at an ASI show in Las Vegas and new it would be great for the real estate market. Realtors are always looking for a great promotional idea to set themselves apart, and what better than a key with your name on it. I've sold not only to realtors but also to mortgage and title brokers, banks and credit unions and more. There are so many opportunities since everyone needs a key! Klinky's customer service is excellent as well. We had great support from them to first learn about the keys and how to sell them, and then the orders came rolling in. Thank you guys!" 

- Sherri Flack (Advertising Works, Inc.)


"I remember walking into my first sales meeting with a client and presenting the Klinky keys. It took about ten seconds for them to say it was one of the coolest ideas they'd ever seen and they had to figure out a way to use it. That day they committed to ordering 12,000pcs for an event. They even hired a locksmith to be at their booth and cut keys all day long, while they spoke with their customers about their products and services. The promotional was flawless, and I have received numerous reorders, as well as used this initial success story to get the attention of many of my other clients. This is a great promotional product that I keep with me at all times because you never know who else might need a custom key!"  

- Dan Matthews (RockSolid Marketing)

"I found out about your custom keys while searching for promotional products for my business online. After buying 100pcs to pass out to my clients, I must say this truly is the best marketing money I've spent in a long time. These customized keys are with my clients 24/7 and they give our referrals from them all the time. The square head key shape is excellent because it focuses the attention on my printed information and thereby always keep me on my customer's mind every time they go to open their house front door. I recommend purchasing these custom keys to all my friends now."

- Martin Short (Sunnyvale, CA)


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